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The 2019 Blackhawks Max Shacknai Invitational – Service Hour Scheduling

February 22nd – 24th, 2019
This year, we will again be utilizing an online sign-up program called Sign-Up Genius to schedule each individual service hour shift. Each tournament day and field location has its own separate Sign-Up Genius link below. Each position has its own title and shift duration with the number of available time slots listed. Please click on the appropriate link below to start the scheduling process.  All shifts are scheduled on a first come - first served basis so do not wait to schedule your shift(s) as your preferred site location and / or position choice could be filled and closed at any time.  If the desired position does not have a "Sign-Up" Button next to it, it has been filled.  Check all field sites for open position slots if your particular site location / position choice has been filled.  All field venues must be filled by our members whether your team is scheduled to play there or not.  You will NOT know your team’s tournament schedule before shift scheduling must be completed.
All tournament shift scheduling must be completed by Sunday, February 17th, 2019
When scheduling yourself utilizing the Sign-Up Genius program, you will need to create a new or use an existing Sign-Up Genius Account. Please include ALL of the following information when scheduling your shift:
  1. A newly created Sign-Up Genius Account OR an existing Sign-Up Genius Account that includes your email address AND cell phone number.
  2. The shift volunteer’s first and last name – Include the registered Player’s last name in parenthesis if it is different from the shift volunteer’s last name – Example: Jane Doe (Smith) and / or also include the Player's full name if it is a common last name - Example:  Brian Smith / Jorge Rodriguez.  This is important for accurate participation reconciliation after the tournament. 
  3. In the “Rising Team(s) & Cell Phone Number” Box of the sign-up, list the complete name(s) of all of the Rising teams that you have kids playing on in AGE / GENDER / COACH'S LAST NAME / COLOR (If Applicable) format – Examples: 05 Boys Chapman  / 06 Girls Colavita Black AND your cell phone number. 
PLEASE NOTE:  Each field venue will host different age groups. These field allocations may change at any time based on unforeseen circumstances, scheduling needs, weather or in the best interest of the tournament.  You will NOT know your team’s tournament schedule before shift scheduling must be completed.
All service hour shifts must be completed by ADULTS, nineteen (19) years of age or older and shifts cannot be split amongst individuals.
Thank you for your help in making the 2019 Blackhawks Max Shacknai Invitational our most successful event yet!
Position Descriptions for Service Hours - Click HERE








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