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Max Shacknai 

Max Shacknai was a young talented player in the Scottsdale Soccer Blackhawks program who tragically lost his life in July 2011. Max is remembered by the Blackhawks through the Blackhawks Max Shacknai Invitational soccer tournament which provides a showcase for soccer excellence and the character and athletic development it represents.

The Coin of Excellence

AGAIN THIS YEAR (Participating Coaches) – The Center Referee will receive two (2) special Tournament Coins when they receive the Scorecard for each of your upcoming matches.  These special Tournament Coins (The Coin of Excellence) will be given to the Coach by the Center Referee, one (1) each per Team, before the start of the match.  The Blackhawks Max Shacknai Invitational would like each Coach to present the Tournament Coin to an OPPOSING TEAM’S PLAYER after the match has concluded.  The Tournament Coin should be given to the Opposing Team Player that the Opposing Coach feels best represents excellence in the match, a high level of sportsmanship and fair play or any other criteria that shows excellence in play and / or character.  Thank you for helping to recognize the “good of the game” in our youth participants.

The Scottsdale Soccer Foundation 

The Financial Assistance arm of Scottsdale Soccer, the Scottsdale Soccer Foundation, raises needed funds to provide the opportunity of youth soccer to those who would otherwise be unable to afford it. 

  • A portion of Blackhawks Max Shacknai Invitational proceeds goes directly to the Foundation.  
  • We do not have Participation Medals for our Youth Academy teams (U7 - U10). 100% of the money we save goes to the Foundation for Financial Assistance - "Kids giving back to Kids!"



The hallmark of a positive experience, the Blackhawks Max Shacknai Invitational features unique Referee offerings not found at other tournaments.

  • We historically have International Referees confirmed that will be officiating our U11 - U19 age groups. 
  • We have invited as many Region IV Referees to officiate our tournament as possible. 
  • We select Referees after performance evaluations from the ODP Championships.
  • All Referees who would like to be considered for the Arizona State Cup and Arizona Presidents Cup must be evaluated at 1 of 4 tournaments. We are one of those tournaments.

The 2018 Scottsdale Soccer Blackhawks Max Shacknai Invitational Referee Development Academy

Scottsdale Soccer is excited to announce that, in conjunction with the Blackhawks Max Shacknai Invitational, we will be holding our second annual Advanced Referee Development Academy.  Over 30 Referees have been selected to participate in the Advanced Development Academy including some of the top Referees in Arizona and from within Region IV including Hawaii, Cal North, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada and Montana.

Referees will be paired in groups of six (6) and receive coaching / mentoring from some of the best in referees in the US during each of their matches.  This year, Scottsdale Soccer is excited to announce our Referee Coaches / Mentors are:


  • Allen Chapman, PRO Referee and MLS Referee of the Year
  • Jeremy Hanson, PRO Referee and MLS Assistant Referee of the Year
  • Juan Guzman, PRO Referee and former FIFA Referee
  • Alex Chilowicz, PRO 4th Official
  • Alicia Messer, FIFA Assistant Referee
  • JP Spicer Escalante, US Soccer National Referee Coach, PRO Assistant Referee Coach and Advanced Referee Development Academy Lead Instructor


On Friday, the Advanced Development Academy Referees will meet to receive high-level instruction and field training prior to the start of the tournament from our Lead Instructor and US Soccer National Referee Coach JP Spicer Escalante. JP is also a PRO Assistant Referee Coach and sought after instructor that will be using the latest video clips from FIFA and US Soccer to develop and train the Advanced Development Academy Referees.


On Saturday and Sunday, the Advanced Development Academy Referees will be working matches and afterward they will spend time with their coach / mentor to discuss and review their match.  This type of coaching / mentoring has been an initiative of US Soccer and the Far West Region of US Youth Soccer.  Scottsdale Soccer is one of the only clubs to incorporate this type of training into its annual competitive tournament.


In addition to the Advanced Referee Development Academy, we are also excited to further our partnership with Refex.  Refex offers Referees the opportunity to participate in soccer tournaments worldwide and this marks their 6th year participating at the Blackhawks Max Shacknai Invitational.  The addition of high-level International Referees has been a tremendous benefit to the Referees they are assigned with to work during the tournament.  This year, we are excited that over twenty (20) International Referees from Germany and England will be refereeing the Blackhawks Max Shacknai Invitational. 

Added Amenities


The Blackhawks Max Shacknai Invitational strives to make us your "tournament of choice." 
  • Individual Player Medals for 1st and 2nd place, a Championship Team Trophy, and Championship Player Hats for all U11 - U19 Division Champions. Participation Pins for all players.  
  • The reason we have so many volunteers on our fields is so that you can see that your experience is important to us. At Scottsdale Soccer, we take great pride in our players, our events and our Club. Don't be surprised if you are greeted with a smile and an offer to be of assistance. We hope that you have an exciting weekend of soccer and look forward to seeing you again next year!




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