Volunteer Coach Information

Scottsdale Soccer Recreational Program’s Volunteer Coaching:

Volunteer coaches indicate their interest in coaching during their player’s registration - look for the "Volunteer Question" during registration.  If you become interested in coaching a team after your player registers, please send an email to recsoccer@scottsdalesoccer.com with your request or for additional information.

The Scottsdale Soccer Recreational Program will collect all coach’s names and form teams based on the coaches who have volunteered.  Coaches cannot request players but players, during registration, can request a coach.  A coach’s player is automatically assigned to the coach’s team.  Historically, nearly all individuals who have volunteered to coach are selected to coach a team as we never seem to have enough volunteers.  Coaches are contacted early February. Rosters will be distributed to coaches via email by February 22. Coaches then contact their players and can begin practicing the week of February 27.

Practice Field Allocation

Since the City of Scottsdale believes Spring is the "off season" for soccer, not many fields are made available to us for practice use on a reservation basis. We will have some practice field space, but likely not all that we would like. Here is a short list of practice areas that we most likely will be assigned after other Spring sports get their assignments:

  • Thunderbird Park
  • Aztec Park
  • Mountain View Park / Cochise Elementary School
  • Kiva Elementary School
  • Hopi Elementary School

If you are interested in any of the above spaces, please keep an eye out for an email coming from  rec.practicefield@scottsdalesoccer.com which will be sent out the week of February 13. This email will contain a link to SignUp Genius which is an online tool used for organizing team practice field requests. 

There are many other open spaces in Scottsdale and surrounding areas that are practical for practice. You are free to use any space that you find suitable. Remember, groups with fields reserved have priority; but non-reserved fields are available to all on a first-come basis.


Practice Goals for Sale.

Coaches can again purchase PUGG pop up practice goals at a greatly reduced cost.  Using our ability to purchase in quantity and also subsidizing the cost, coaches can purchase a pair of PUGG goals in a carry bag for $40.00.  These goals can be purchased during uniform/equipment pickup (dates TBD).  Please email uniforms@scottsdalesoccer.com if you decide to purchase the goals after this time to see if any remaining inventory is available. To see what the PUGG practice goal looks like, click here.  It is the 6 foot goal pair in a carry bag that we are making available.


Game Schedules & Coaching Conflicts

Game schedules will be emailed to coaches by the Sunday prior to the first game of the season.  All teams must be formed before the scheduling process can begin. Game conflicts will only be avoided for coaches who are listed as the head coach of two or more teams. Both teams must participate in the Scottsdale Soccer Recreational League.

Can a team reschedule a game?

The answer is no.  With over 120 teams and 60 games each Saturday, it is not possible to efficiently mold a game schedule to the busy lives of all coaches, players and families.  We will continue our practice of not allowing games to be switched, delayed or rescheduled.  It would never be possible to accommodate the desires of all, so we refrain from doing this for anyone.  If a team knows it will be unable to field the minimum number of players needed to play, the coach MUST send and email to recsoccer@scottsdalesoccer.com and referees@scottsdalesoccer.com notifying them of the forfeit.  Games are not officially made up but the coaches can agree to play somewhere at sometime if they so choose.  No Club facilitation, field allocation or staffing of such games will be offered.




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