The Banner Concussion Center

The Banner Concussion Center

Did you know that an estimated 3.8 million sports and recreation-related concussions happen each year?  Working with the Scottsdale Soccer Concussion Program and their Play It Safe Supplemental Concussion Insurance Policy, the Banner Concussion Center is here to provide the very best care with a unique approach to the diagnosis, management and treatment of concussions.

The Banner Concussion Center brings together a team of medical experts who have been treating patients for decades.  The team includes physicians, neurophyschologists, athletic trainers, audiologists, as well as vision and balance therapists.

A comprehensive approach to concussion care includes:

  • Complete community concussion awareness and education program
  • Baseline and post injury neurocognitive, balance and vision testing
  • Comprehensive concussion care by experts experienced in the diagnosis and management of concussion
  • Readily accessible panel of subspecialists with experience caring for post-concussion syndrome and other concussion complications
  • Treatment, not just management, of concussions
  • A research team dedicated to making new advancements in the field of concussion diagnosis and treatment.
1320 North 10th Street  Suite B 
Phoenix, Arizona 85006
(602) 839-7285
(10th Street / McDowell Road then South on 10th Street, 2 Blocks down on the Right - on the campus of Banner University Medical Center - Phoenix)






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